How do I create a user account?

Click on the 'Sign in' link within the upper right area on any page. Within the CREATE AN ACCOUNT section, enter a user name in the 'User name' field, then click CREATE AN ACCOUNT and complete the required information for a new user account.

How do I place an order?

  1. Sign in to your user account.
  2. Select any Category link or Featured Product image to begin viewing items.
  3. Click the image of a product or the VIEW PRODUCT button to see details about a product.
  4. Complete all selection options required for the product, enter or select the quantity you would like to purchase, click ADD TO CART.
  5. When you are finished adding items to your shopping cart, click 'Proceed to Checkout'.
  6. Complete the Delivery Address and Billing Address information requested, click 'Proceed to Checkout'.
  7. Select a Shipping Method, click 'Proceed to Checkout'.
  8. If you have a Gift Certificate code to redeem, enter the code in the 'Redeem Gift Card' field.
  9. To apply the Gift Certificate balance towards your order, you must select the Gift Card from the Equita Spending Account  Gift Card drop-down. NOTE: If the order total is not covered by the selected Gift Card spending account you will need to  enter your credit card information to cover the balance. Only one Gift Card spending account may be used at a time per  order.
  10. If paying by credit card enter your credit card information, click 'Submit Order'.
  11. If your user account has been enabled to purchase via a Purchase Order you may enter a PO# in the Purchase Order field,  then click 'Submit Order'.

How do I enter a different delivery or billing address for an order?

  1. You may add a new delivery or billing address during checkout within Step 3. ADDRESS by clicking on 'Add a new address'.
  2. Enter a name within 'Address Label' - this is what you would like to name the address in your account on the site, for example Home or Office.
  3. Complete remaining required (* indicates required) and optional fields for the new address.
  4. Click 'Save'. The screen will refresh back to Step 3. ADDRESS of the checkout process.
  5. You may select the new address from either 'Choose a delivery address' or 'Choose a billing address' by clicking on the down arrow for each option.
  6. You may also click 'Edit' for the displayed Delivery Address or Billing Address. Note: Editing an existing address will overwrite the previously saved address in your account on the site.
  7. You may also Edit/Delete existing addresses or add new addresses by clicking on 'My Account' then 'My addresses'.

How do I redeem a Gift Certificate?

Step 1 – Redeem Gift Certificate

Enter the code into the Redeem Gift Card field then click Redeem Gift Card. A message should display “Gift Card with $#.## balance successfully redeemed”.  If there is an error message such as “Error redeeming gift card”, the code may have been typed incorrectly or the Gift Certificate was previously redeemed. Click on "Equita Spending Account Gift Card" to verify if the gift certificate balance appears in your spending account.

Step2 – Select Equita Spending Account Gift Card

Once your gift certificate has been redeemed, the gift certificate balance will appear in the Equita Spending Account Gift Card drop-down. You must select the Gift Card balance you want to use as payment towards an order.

To review Gift Card balances available on your account, login to your account and click the Gift Cards link in the top navigation area (same area as Sign In).

Will I receive an order confirmation email?

Once your order has been completed and submitted, an order confirmation email will be sent to the email address associated with your user account.

How can I check the status of my order?

Sign in to your user account. Click the 'My Account' link then click 'Order history and details' to review orders previously submitted.

How do I change my password?

Sign in to your user account. Click the 'My Account' link then click 'My personal information'. Enter Current Password, New Password and Confirmation (New Password, again) then click 'Save Password'.

How can I change my email address?

Sign in to your user account. Click on the 'My Account' link then click 'My personal information'. Enter your email address in the E-mail address field then click 'Save User'.

How can I change my user account profile information?

Sign in to your user account. Click on the 'My Account' link then click 'My personal information'. Enter necessary updates (First name, Last name, Phone number or E-mail address) then click 'Save User'.

How do I save items to my cart for ease of access later?

Sign in to your user account. Add desired items to your cart. Items will remain in your cart until you either remove them or complete the checkout process.

How do I access and place an order for items in my Cart?

Sign in to your user account and click on the Cart link. You may edit the quantity for an item or remove an item from your cart. Click 'Proceed to Checkout' to complete the checkout process. Once the order is placed for the items in your cart, your cart will be empty.

Why can't I place an order for an item in my Cart?

If the website owner made changes (size, color, price, or options available) to a product that was within a Cart you will need to delete the item from your cart then re-add the item.

What if I forgot my password?

Reset of a password is offered from the Sign In screen. Simply click on the 'Forgot your password?' link. You'll need to enter the User name for your user account then click 'Reset Password'. An email containing instructions for resetting your password will be sent to the email address associated with the user name.

How do I return an item?

Our Return Policy can be found on the site navigation menu.

Where can I find Sizing Charts?

Sizing Charts can be found on the site navigation menu.

How can I contact someone about my order?

You may click on the Contact link in the navigation menu of the website to send us an email, utilize the Click & Chat online support link on the website, or call Customer Service at 800-297-9599 during business hours. Business hours are Monday - Friday: 8:30am to 5:00pm EST.